Medical Research

Medical Research Studies & Projects

Since the late 1980’s Digital Innovation (DI) software has been used to capture data and generate reports to complete a wide variety of medical research studies. Our on-going product development process allows our proven database management architecture to provide many economy-of-scale advantages to our clients, since each client can benefit from the enhancements, advancements and capabilities developed by DI for the other.

DI’s software enables users to add custom elements, generate reports specific to the study, and develop graphs to visually enhance the presentation of the results. Using DI’s powerful query and reporting capabilities, reports can be generated on any combination of data points within the system for nearly any medical speciality or discipline. Numerous standard reports are provided with the system and users can also easily create additional reports and save them for reuse.

Studies for single facilities as well as those that encompass data from multiple DI databases are handled easily by DI’s software foundation system. Central-site software employs the same powerful query and reporting capabilities as the institution version, PLUS includes the ability to run comparison reports between multiple sites.

Because DI solutions are customizable at several levels, a quick and affordable research tool solution can be available for your project – regardless of the size. The system’s data entry features allow users to add over 150 additional data elements, and each user-defined data element has a selection menu, and can be used in queries and reports!

For large-scale projects, a complete system solution can be developed. DI has extensive experience in the development of these types of project tools, and can assist in all phases of the project, from data set definition to deployment and data management.

  • Add data elements specific to study Impacting safety laws
  • Excellent tool Single institution / regional / national Comparison Reports
  • Powerful reporting capabilities
  • Graphing / presentation