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Data Customization

Digital Innovation, Inc. (DI) has the technical staff and expertise to develop a custom data dictionary or data base solution to serve the needs of nearly any data collection scenario. DI has developed custom data collection solutions in the fields of trauma, EMS, mild traumatic brain injury, stroke, CPR, case management as well as a number of other medical disciplines. DI has also taken the fundamentals of its data collection software and developed solutions for the tribunal and chancery marketplace.

DI employs a number of data base specialists that can custom design a data base and data dictionary to suit the specific needs of the customer. DI, by leveraging its existing software capabilities and functionality, has developed working relationships with many large organizations like the American Heart Association, Pennsylvania Trauma Systems Foundation, Society of Critical Care Medicine, and the American College of Surgeons.

Coupling existing functionality with customized data services afford DI with a unique and substantial cost advantage over software development companies, consultants or other organizations that would try to build a custom solution. DI’s unique capability allows us to deliver projects in a timely fashion as well as reduce the costs to our customers by usually 40 to 60% over our competitors.

Report Development

Data collection is done for two primary reasons – data analysis and data reporting. DI, as part of its extensive suite of data collection and reporting solutions, delivers a full-featured ad hoc report writer and query tool. DI clients can quickly and easily generate custom (or ad hoc) reports using the tools provided. However, in the fast paced environments that face most DI customers, sometimes ad hoc reporting is not enough. Therefore, DI provides technical support services to assist users in building reports as well as has the engineering resources to develop very complex and elaborate reports.

DI has data analysts on staff to evaluate report requests and they review each request in an attempt to provide the maximum reporting benefit. Additionally, DI evaluates report requests to determine their value to the industry at large. Some “custom” reports may be developed at DI’s expense because of the reports attractiveness to the industry. Furthermore, DI provides comprehensive data and reporting services as part of its support offering. Thus, in addition to developing reports to satisfy specific client needs, DI also provides a data analysis service that helps to determine trends as well as looks develop futuristic forecast models.

Data Migration

Paramount in deploying any new solution or system is the ability for clients to maintain their historical or legacy data. DI has the software and clinical expertise on staff to develop data migration and conversion routines that ensure that historical data is retained. Additionally, DI, through the support of its clinicians, can even cleanse or update legacy data by building in software routines that look for and correct erroneous or missing data.

DI has written routines that simply move data between existing applications (see interface section) as well as migrate data to new solutions. In each case, DI’s goal is to maximize our clients’ investment in their existing solutions or in their legacy data. Migration routines are part of DI’s comprehensive kit of software tools. DI’s toolkit has been developed to provide benefit to our customers in the area of functionality, ease-of-use and overall system maintainability. Solving the data migration or conversion problem allows users rest easy knowing that they will maintain and enhance their ability to forecast and evaluate trends as DI can ensure that not a single data element or data record will be lost.

Data Management/ Customization

One size fits all – well not exactly. No matter how comprehensive the software solution, there are a number of things that can prevent the solution from being a perfect fit for the client. Screen and data flow, data elements captured, the logical sequence of the business function, as well as the unique and exacting requirements of each customer’s environment are faction into how well any “commercial-off-the-shelf” solution will fit a particular customer’s needs. DI has eliminated the hassle by additions to its toolkit to allow for easy adding of data elements, screen changes and report layouts. DI has 18 years of experience in developing custom solutions and over those years of experience, we have increased our tools and our toolkit to allow modifications to be easily made to standard DI solutions. Quick and cost effective delivery of a “custom” solution along with our world class support after the sale, have long been the key items that differentiate DI from the crowd.