Custom Registry

Custom Registry Solutions

A Solid Foundation

Digital Innovation, Inc.’s (DI) strong software engineering background, places it in a unique position as a registry vendor, in that DI is capable of developing both applications and tools. The vast majority of solution providers and vendors only have application development skills, not engineering skills, and therefore they cannot develop tools. The ability to develop and extend tools provides numerous benefits for DI in the areas of functionality, ease-of-use, and maintainability. As a result, DI’s solutions have stood the test of time – across numerous data set revisions and platform changes, while preserving client investments in historical data, application development, and system configuration.

Versatile, Cutting Edge Solutions

Whether the need is Internet-based technologies, data validation, or unique coding systems, DI engineers can readily adapt to a variety of systems to satisfy specific client requirements. Capabilities are used to develop numerous interfaces between our products and other information systems and to extend the functionality of our products.

Customized Software

Our customization experience provides DI with unique perspectives and a knowledge bank for assisting our clients in their system planning and data set definition phases – phases which are critical to the ease of data entry, reporting, and overall system success. DI and Collector are unique in their ability to implement a proven trauma registry system to such an extent.

DI has customized over 50 Collector Hospital Trauma Registry and EMS systems throughout the United States, Canada, and internationally – and actively supports these users and systems with high-quality technical support services, software maintenance, and updates. This experience provides DI with unique perspectives and a knowledge bank for assisting our clients in their system planning and data set definition phases – phases that are critical to system success.

Database Management Products

DI offers customizable database management products with extensive facilities for entering, validating, managing, transferring, and analyzing data.

  • Collector for Windows Database Management System (User and Central-Site)
  • Case Management Solutions
  • DI Continuum of Care Server
  • DI Match Review System

Using these products, Digital Innovation has developed numerous medical database applications, including both user and central-site components. For example, we have also developed central-site components for medical database applications in trauma, EMS, cancer, pharmaceutical, and other areas. Central-site applications include Logger, Match Review, Linking, Coding, Web Reports Distribution, and other data management and interface functions.

Digital Innovation has also developed a product line for automating case management functions. It is currently being deployed with great success in the tribunal and chancery markets. The application involves sophisticated linking approaches – which will provide additional innovations to our trauma registry application line and address areas such as detailed tracking, workflow management, and cross-referencing between providers, facilities, and numerous other components in the continuum of care.