Custom Registry Solutions

Digital Innovation, Inc.’s (DI) strong software engineering background, places it in a unique position as a registry vendor, in that DI is capable of developing both applications and tools. The vast majority of solution providers and vendors only have application development skills, not engineering skills, and therefore they cannot develop tools. The ability to develop and extend tools provides numerous benefits for DI in the areas of functionality, ease-of-use, and maintainability. As a result, DI’s solutions have stood the test of time – across numerous data set revisions and platform changes, while preserving client investments in historical data, application development, and system configuration.

National Medical Database Repositories

Digital Innovation has a strong background in the development and use of medical coding systems. The DI staff includes several members of the development team for ICD-Map, developed by the State of Illinois and The Johns Hopkins University. DI staff was also involved as key members of the development team for Tri-Code. Tri-Code, an automated text-to-injury code application was originally developed by Tri-Analytics, Inc. and the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine. As successfully demonstrated through our partnerships with these and other leading medical associations and organizations, we believe the smartest strategies are ones that combine the scientific and medical strengths of our partners with the software engineering and medical registry strengths of DI.

Software Linkages and Interfaces

DI has developed a number of application program interfaces (or APIs) to allow for data import, export and transfer between applications. One such example of a DI created API is the interface developed for the American College Surgeons for use with their National Trauma Data Bank (NTDB). The NTDB API collects data from an existing Collector Trauma Registry product and passes the data to NTDB. The API reads data records and strips PHI-related fields as well as all non-NTDB related fields. The API “maps” the data into the format expected by the NTDB import function so that the data can be easily passed without a great deal of user intervention. Thus, DI builds APIs to specifically provide a “conduit” between applications. Furthermore, DI maintains the NTDB API to ensure that users stay current with NTDB format changes without direct involvement or interaction.

Medical Coding Software

DI is excited to be a part of opportunities that help advance medical care practices through national medical repository and research initiatives. We have the knowledge and experience to facilitate national participation from users of diverse applications, as well as to provide support for a project’s on-going success.

Medical Research Studies & Projects

DI’s software enables users to add custom elements, generate reports specific to the study, and develop graphs to visually enhance the presentation of the results. Using DI’s powerful query and reporting capabilities, reports can be generated on any combination of data points within the system for nearly any medical speciality or discipline. Numerous standard reports are provided with the system and users can also easily create additional reports and save them for reuse.