Software Training

Software Training Methods

The Value of Training

Training sessions provide valuable information for both new and experienced users. Establishing a new registry, introducing a new staff member to the program, changing role responsibilities, or learning to utilize more of a software product’s capabilities are the most common reasons training is requested.

DI offers training sessions online and on-site for regional groups or individual facilities to accommodate various learning styles, busy schedules and budget needs. Regardless of the method, formal training sessions will:

  • help new users develop good registry habits early
  • enable all users to implement efficient software techniques such as data input, report generation, benchmarking, etc.
  • facilitate the use of user-defined features for report writing, etc.
  • provide insight to other uses of the registry software (interfaces, downloads, etc.)

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DI’s Online Training Sessions

Web training sessions are a popular training option. DI has recently updated our online course selection for all of our products, creating concentrated modules that focus on specific skills and are presented in time-saving and economical modules. These sessions are presented in a lecture format, with examples provided by the instructor.

A series of online sessions ranging in topics from software setup to data entry to report writing reports is scheduled monthly. The sessions are fee-based and reservations are required. Click here for a list of upcoming dates.

Web-based Training Benefits:

  • Convenient – you can even train from home!
  • Economical – Individual hospitals save even more when multiple attendees register together
  • Staffed by experienced instructors – skilled in web-based teaching techniques
  • Easy to schedule – Choose the module(s) that best meet your needs and call or email to reserve your “seat”

Regional On-site Training

Regional on-site training sessions normally require the most lead time, particularly if individuals will be invited from many facilities. These sessions are often requested for groups of 10-20 Collector users from facilities in the same geographic area. DI staff will work with you to make the arrangements for these sessions.

Regional On-site Training Benefits:

  • In-person training with limited or no travel
  • Hands-on training
  • Opportunity to network with other registry users within your state/region
  • Can be coordinated to piggy-back with other regional meetings

Single Facility On-site Training

A facility can schedule an on-site training session at its location for up to 10 of its staff members. These are most commonly requested when new software is being installed or if a facility finds that several staff members are in need of training.

Single Facility On-site Training Benefits

  • In-person training with limited or no travel
  • Hands-on training
  • Topics tailored to your staff’s needs
  • Keeps staff “on the same page”
  • Provides opportunity to discuss individual facility registry questions