Trauma Center Development Program

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Trauma Center Development and Consulting Program

DI’s clinical experts can assist trauma centers and trauma systems with development of their trauma center, strategic planning, and implementation of effective performance improvement and patient safety programs. Consultations are through a combination of webinars, phone consultation, review of pre-verification/accreditation documents and/or on-site consultation.

The program is directed by Kathleen Martin, MSN, RN, Director of Clinical Services, who has extensive experience as a Trauma Program Manager at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.  Her experience as a consultant with Martin Trauma Associates allowed her to assist over 100 trauma centers to attain successful verification/accreditation.  She is a past president of the Society of Trauma Nurses and continues to be an active member of several national standards committees.

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1. Trauma Performance Improvement and Patient Safety Training

  • Developing a Trauma Performance Improvement Plan
  • PI Coordinator Mentoring
  • Concurrent Event Identification and Tracking
  • Developing Corrective Action Plans
  • Presenting Data Effectively
  • Advanced Trauma taxonomy
  • Optimal Use of the DI Outcomes Module for Tracking PI events

2. Trauma Performance Improvement Coordinator Training

  • Roles and Responsibility
  • Event Identification and Primary Level of Review
  • Documenting Meeting Minutes
  • Developing Corrective Actions
  • Implementing Taxonomy
  • Documenting Loop Closure and Resolution

3. Trauma Center Site Survey Preparation

  • Gap Analysis of compliance with regulatory standards
  • Assistance with Corrective Actions and Loop Closure
  • Preparation of Pre-Survey application and chart preparation
  • Presentation of responses for cited Deficiencies or Weaknesses
  • Survey day preparation

4. State/Regional Trauma Systems PlanningState/Regional Performance Improvement PlanState/Regional Trauma Registry download

  • State/Regional Trauma Registry data points
  • State/Regional Advisory Committee structure
  • State/Regional Practice Guidelines
  • State/Regional Transfer Protocols
  • Legislative funding of trauma system
  • State/Regional verification process

5. Trauma Center Development Planning

  • Strategic Planning
  • Trauma Program Development
  • Trauma Service Coordination
  • Trauma Performance Improvement and Patient Safety Planning
  • Trauma Registry Implementation

6. Trauma Program Manager Effectiveness Training

  • Administrative Role
  • Consultant
  • Education and Outreach
  • Trauma Registry
  • Performance Improvement
  • Injury Prevention

7. Invited Trauma Lectures

  • Trauma Performance Improvement and Patient Safety
  • PIPS Taxonomy Implementation
  • Levels of Review in PIPS
  • Presenting Data Effectively
  • Clinical Practice Guideline Tracking
  • Trauma Center Strategic Planning
  • Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Organ Donation
  • Combat Casualty Care: lessons learned
  • Blast Injuries
  • Trauma Nursing Leadership
  • History of Trauma Nursing

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