Tribunal Products

Tribunal Management System (TMS)

Since acquiring the TMS product line in July 2003, Digital Innovation, Inc. has released a new version of the software. TMS3 is based on CaseMaster technology, with many of the same features and benefits as CaseMaster, but with a lower cost for Tribunals on a tight budget.

TMS3 is both powerful and flexible enough to support multiple processes, multiple tasks, and multiple users while allowing the user to keep complete control of processes and events. TMS3 has all of the essential elements needed to get your Tribunal started on the path toward improved efficiency and automation. And your purchase of TMS3 could be considered an investment in the future, since the cost of TMS3 will be applied to an upgrade to CaseMaster.

Like CaseMaster, TMS3 is backed by Digital Innovation, Inc., a full service software solutions firm serving over 1,000 organizations worldwide and dedicated to being the leading supplier of tribunal and chancery case management systems. DI products are now used in over 110 Dioceses, more than ten times the number of all other products combined. Numbers like that don’t just happen, they happen for a reason!

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