CaseMaster Case Management System

The New Leader in Tribunal and Chancery Case Management Systems

CaseMaster, the new leader in case management systems, sets the standard for product capabilities, technology ease of use and comprehensive support services. CaseMaster is backed by Digital Innovation, Inc., a full service software solutions firm serving over 1,000 organizations worldwide and dedicated to being the leading supplier of tribunal and chancery case management systems.

Digital Innovation, Inc. (DI), along with canonists, invested thousands of hours of analysis and design to develop the CaseMaster Case Management System. This team of professionals studied all parts of Tribunal and Chancery practice to determine precisely how the software needed to function in order to:

  • Support the processes currently in place
  • Facilitate case coordination, including managing data for people, events, processes, finances and processes
  • Provide a financially efficient and effective tool
  • CaseMaster is both powerful and flexible enough to support multiple processes, multiple tasks, and multiple users while allowing the user to keep complete control of process and events.
  • CaseMaster has the ability to keep your team informed, productive, working together and able to keep pace with the demands of a heavy caseload!

CaseMaster Features and Benefits

  • Editable Picklists
  • Custom Fields
  • Integrated Word Processor
  • Multiple Task Tracking
  • Definable Security Levels
  • Ability to Link to External Documents, Graphic Images, or Files
  • Integrated Fees Accounting
  • Numerous Standard Reports, including data necessary for the Roma and CLSA Reports
  • Single Source Reference for all case data and events
  • Ease of Use Logical Forms Design
  • True Modern 32-bit MS-Windows program

CaseMaster’s many assets are supported by DI’s substantial on-going product development and technical support activities. Our investments in the Tribunal and Chancery market thus far demonstrate our strong commitment to product support and continued CaseMaster development.

DI’s commitment is borne out by the testimonials of our many users. In the past five years, CaseMaster has been installed in more dioceses and chanceries across the country than all other tribunal applications combined. Don’t let your tribunal fall behind the times. Call today and join the growing community of CaseMaster users.

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