Tribunal and Chancery Software Experts

Digital Innovation, Inc. (DI) is full service technology solutions and software development company specializing in the design and creation of database and case management applications as well as their associated application development tools. DI supports the tribunal software needs of more than 100 tribunal offices, and our technology foundation is operational in many other software products at more than 1,000 facilities throughout the world.

Our large staff of software engineers, application developers, and product support specialists is focused on the continuous improvement of DI’s capabilities, products, and support services. DI engineers utilize advanced object-oriented programming languages and development environments to provide solutions that are efficient, robust, and can be integrated with open standards and additional system requirements as needed. DI developed the first Windows™ based tribunal software system and has established itself as the leader in 32 bit processing applications.

DI currently supports the CaseMaster and TMS tribunal product lines. CaseMaster was developed in the late 1990’s by DI with input from prominent cannonists. Several software modules for use by tribual staff have since been developed.

DI is intimately involved in the tribunal marketplace and is present at regional and national CLSA meetings as well as the annual DISC conference. DI has a CaseMaster advisory board, and that board meets to discuss the needs of the tribunal marketplace and is actively involved in prioritizing the enhanced software features list.

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