Outcomes Registry

DI Outcomes Registry provides an easy way to expand upon the Collector or NTRACS Trauma Registry’s already extensive QA and loop closure capabilities. The software is an easy to use, powerful database management system. When integrated with a DI Trauma Registry product, Outcomes provides another dimension to your performance improvement and research by adding the ability to identify cases for review by issue as well as by tracking and analyzing patient care information.

A variety of documents can be generated quickly and easily in the Outcomes software, including:

  • Provider feedback forms
  • Case summaries
  • Peer Reviews
  • Performance reviews
  • Referral Letters
  • Patient summaries for survey/accreditation

Report Generation

By selecting one of the many built-in standard reports or by defining a new report using the built-in Querier and Report Writer, users can generate an unlimited number of statistical and data table reports such as:

  • Trending identified issues and frequency of issues
  • Trending provider, department or facility performance
  • Outcomes performance improvement
  • Identifying issues in trends over a course of time
  • Countless combinations of queries and reports

Data Set

Outcomes includes an extensive data set:

  • Initial assessment data of patient
  • Hospital course data
  • Issue identification (by complication, audit filters, user-defined issues)
  • Peer review meeting data and outcomes assessment
  • Outcomes assessment and grade assessment measured using American College of Surgeons defined criteria on preventability
  • Grades 0-5 assessment
  • Follow-up and clinic tracking

Additional System Benefits

Outcomes provides numerous benefits for your trauma program. Integration with the Collector trauma registry data minimizes duplicate data entry and ties retrospective data with patient tracking. Issues can be automatically identified, and the immediate electronic assess to current patient care data means you can generate valuable reports within minutes. Outcomes also enables uniform evaluation of provider, department, and facility using ACS guidelines for performance improvement assessment, and can be used as your QA/QI loop closure tool, meeting the JCAHO ORYX performance improvement initiative.