Outcomes and PI

V5 Outcomes and Performance Improvement Software

The DI Outcomes Registry for V5 is an easy to use, powerful database management module that serves as an electronic tool to track and analyze patient peer review information.  This information, along with the integrated trauma registry information, allows the trauma coordinator to:

  • Identify issues during the course of patient care
  • Generate discharge summaries, provider feedback, and referral letters based on patient tracking data
  • Trend issues that affect patient outcomes
  • Assist in the QA/QI loop closure process
  • Record peer reviews of patients during the morbidity/mortality reviews and other quality peer reviews
  • Assess performance improvement trends by provider, team, department, or overall facility
  • Analyze, adjust, and evaluate patient care policies and procedures based on accurate assessments from current trends

DI Outcomes includes features that allow you to:

  • Easily record trauma patient evaluation through the entire PI process at a trauma center
  • Integrate trauma peer review management data with trauma registry data

Generating documents for:

  • In-house and external referral letters
  • Provider feedback forms
  • Peer reviews and performance reviews
  • Meeting minutes
  • Peer review case summaries

Generate statistics for:

  • Trending identified issues
  • Trending provider, department, and facility performance
  • Outcomes performance improvement
  • Identifying issues in trends over a course of time

Additional Highlights:

  • Use the report writing capabilities and easy querying system to assess patient care data
  • Record peer and multi-disciplinary reviews
  • Full integration with the v5 Trauma Registry and v5 Report Writer – No need to run any interfaces.
  • Integrated security to control access to Outcomes specific data and reports.

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