National TRACS Software

NATIONAL TRACS® (NTRACS) software is a commercial, microcomputer-based software package for the collection, storage, analysis and reporting of trauma patient information on individual, regional and state levels. Developed at the request of the American College of Surgeon’s (ACS) Committee on Trauma (COT), the registry is intended to help its participants improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of care and to aid in outcomes research.

The NATIONAL TRACS Software Development Group contributed significantly by creating a software package with a strong clinical component. In February 2005, Digital Innovation and the American College of Surgeons entered into a strategic business relationship. As part of the agreement, the NTRACS software product moved from ACS to DI. DI’s expertise in the development and maintenance of medical software applications, especially trauma registries, is expected to provide a strong technical foundation for the NTRACS product and all future innovations and upgrade paths.