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Medical Coding Software

DI’s Collector software uses an automatic ‘text-to-code’ injury coding software system known as Tri-Code to code narrative injury descriptions into AIS and ICD-9-CM. Tri-Code’s artificial intelligence even derives and assigns TRISS and ISS. Using Tri-Code greatly increases the quality and efficiency of coding efforts by checking and ensuring coding accuracy and consistency. If injury narrative is not available, Tri-Code has the flexibility to automatically generate AIS-90 codes and calculate ISS from ICD-9-CM codes entered by the user. Tri-Code can also automatically code from ICD-9-CM codes, inserting rubrics for injury narratives and using the built-in ICD-9-CM rubrics coding dictionary. In addition, a manual coding feature allows users to control any of the codes produced by the system, providing a high degree of flexibility and control.

Users may select a stand-alone Tri-Code system or an integrated system within DI’s Collector trauma registry software. Both versions are based on Collector’s robust database platform, which is currently running at more than 1,000 facilities throughout the world. The Collector Trauma Registry is the only product on the market that fully integrates with injury-coding software. For more information about the trauma registry, contact DI’s sales department.

Tri-Code – Standalone Windows Version

  • Automatically generates AIS-90, and ICD-9-CM codes, calculates ISS from injury text.
  • Automatically generates AIS-90 codes and calculates ISS from ICD-9-CM codes.
  • Utilizes unique record identifier.
  • Includes Anatomical Diagnosis memo field
  • ICD, AIS, PREDOT fields are populated automatically when a record is coded
  • Can be installed as a network version to support simultaneous multiple-user data entry

Collector Trauma Registry’s Built-in Tri-Code System Includes highlights of the standalone system, PLUS:

  • Fully integrates with the Collector Trauma Registry system
  • A seamless interface with the Collector Trauma Registry enables Tri-Code to automatically code records for both ICD9-CM and AIS 90 (e.g., automatic text-to-code capabilities, and ICD-9-CM dictionary lookup capabilities)

The Collector Trauma Registry is a comprehensive database application, which provides the tools to collect and report trauma data at all levels. Digital Innovation’s Sales and Marketing staff will be pleased to provide more information regarding the software, its capabilities, features, customization options, and pricing structure.