EMS Collector

EMS Products

Collector EMS provides a complete database management system for county, regional and statewide emergency medical services. The same industry leading Collector product capabilities have been combined with advanced technologies to produce an EMS product with even greater flexibility and capabilities.

Collector EMS is the perfect tool to Increase Regional Participation. The software is designed to run on either a Windows or Web-based platform, making data entry as easy for EMS personnel in the field as it is for the hospital trauma staff.

A few of the system’s many highlights include:

    • Web and PDA data entry capability
    • Captures injury data from a variety of agencies and software packages
    • Enables monitoring of changing hospital availabilities
    • Enables monitoring of current staff certifications
    • Includes Built-In Report Writer
    • and much more!

Data Entry

Data entry screens utilize a systematic series of skips and data checks to help ensure accuracy, and can be customized to system specifications. Strong interactive and batch checking features work together and provide an easy, efficient way to obtain high quality data, while minimal training is needed for existing and new users.

Reports & Reporting

Reports and queries are easy to run. The system enables the user create a wide array of user-defined reports. Report features are simple, intuitive, logical, and easy to use. Collector EMS comes with pre-built standard reports and users have the capability to add custom reports without programming or database skills. Reports can be run on either the entire database or against any selected subset of records.

Built-In Query Writer

The Query Writer is a simple, intuitive, powerful and innovative tool. Computer novices can define extremely complex subsets without programming or database skills. Additional software is not needed to perform easy-to-use ad hoc report writing and querying.

External Data Import Interface

The Import feature supports a substantial number of data management solutions and is flexible enough to handle multiple import modes (e.g. Add/Modify/Replace). Collector EMS’ external data import interface assists with the migration of data to the EMS Collector. Additionally, Collector EMS supports interfaces to industry standard billing and financial packages.

Central-Site System

Central-Site software supports the aggregation of data from all reporting facilities (agencies) as well as the ability to run all current Central-Site reports on any facility or combination of facilities. Reports can be specified by user-defined queries defined by Central-Site personnel. The Central-Site system also contains a data entry module for manually entering and correcting facility data. All the benefits of the user software are included with the Central-Site package.