CPR Collector

CPR Collector

Digital Innovation (DI) has been the leading developer of data collection software for hospital resuscitation events for ten years. DI’s CPR data collection software is a specialized tool used to facilitate hospital improvement of resuscitation outcomes. Data for CPA, ARC and MET events are captured locally to provide users with the ability to run timely reports on all three event types. DI also provides extensive customer service and personalized technical support.

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DI’s ACS Collector(TM) facilitates not only the collection of data, but also consistency in the data collected which forms the foundation for quality assurance and PI initiatives. When data for ACS patients are collected into a structured database, a robust PI program can be developed. Using all patient records as a baseline also eliminates the inherent weaknesses of sampling methodologies, which do not track most patients who actually undergo a surgical procedure at a particular hospital. Use of the ACS Collector for Performance Improvement provides:

  • Friendly, efficient data collection
  • Provides the tools needed to meet your JCAHO requirements
  • Supports your hospital-based PI/QI and patient safety initiatives
  • Allows your hospital to maintain a local database of your CPA, ARC, and/or MET events
  • Enables complete control over your confidential PHI and local PI/QI data
  • Robust reporting tools configured to support numerous report types and filtering requests

DI Report Writer Tools

CPR Collector utilizes DI’s robust Resus Report Writer and associated reporting tools to provide tremendous support, tailored to the specific reporting needs of a resuscitation registry.

Resus Report Writer

Based on the technology of DI’s Report Writer product, the Resus Report Writer provides powerful capabilities for user with CPR Collector.

  • Powerful, yet easy-to-use reporting software
  • Run real-time reports on data, regardless of record completion
  • Report against any subset or desired patient population for any time period
  • POCE and Gold Standards included among numerous Standard Reports
  • Includes dozens of pre-defined vocabulary items, built-in reports, and computed data points tailored to the CPA, ARC, and MET data sets based on input from users and clinicians
  • Integrated with MS Excel – display report results in graphic or tabular formats
  • Includes integrated graphing tool

Abstraction Tool

Compiles all entered event information into a convenient document for reference, as well as to support efficient entry into other systems.

Analysis Database Populator

Enables users to continue adding events into their existing analysis database structure in order to use the historical reports and queries that have been developed by hospitals

Available Add-on Modules

Web Portal

DI Web Portal modules provides secure, on-line access of report documents produced for your hospital. Works with DI Dashboards as well!

Hospital Systems Module

Enables a hospital system to gather data from, and run reports on multiple facilities, while still maintaining each hospital’s data separately

Zoll CodeNet® Interface

An existing interface that enables the import of Data from ZOLL CodeNet into DI’s data collection software

Registry Import Module

Reduce duplicate data entry by enabling 3rd party system data imports (i.e., your existing code documentation tools or hospital information system) into your CPA, ARC, and MET data collection screens

Registry Export Modules

Support DI’s commitment to interoperability – Data can be converted into a required format of another software package or system

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