Collector Trauma Registry

The capabilities of DI’s Collector software products extend well beyond data collection and standard reports. The software has extensive data validation features (ensuring that regional and state registry data is sound), automated injury coding capabilities, data entry efficiency, unique quality assurance features, as well as powerful report writing and querying features. Collector products can support the demanding needs of large trauma centers and regional central-site databases, while also providing the fast, friendly and efficient features that make DI’s software the ideal tool for users of all levels.

The robust architecture of DI’s Collector products incorporates cutting-edge technology and has proven its capability to integrate with new industry tools. In the 1990’s, Collector became the first trauma registry software available in a Windows© format, successfully transferring hundreds of systems from DOS while maintaining the integrity of our client’s historical data. Today, DI’s engineering and programming staff continue to propel Collector to more advanced levels. Our clients now have the ability to utilize Collector with new tools (such as Citrix) for enabling intranet and Internet system capabilities.

DI’s suite of Collector products for trauma includes software for:

  • Hospital and Central-site registries
  • Outcomes tracking
  • Tri-Code coding software
  • EMS System Registries and Interfaces

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