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Web Collector can operate as a Central-Site system or as an individual facility solution. As a Central-Site solution, Web Collector will run at a central location and allow external systems to upload data from their individual and potential disparate trauma registry systems. Web Collector supports data uploads from DI’s Collector product, NTRACS, as well as a variety of formats. Web Collector provides secure access via the Internet for users and enables users to review and request system-wide and facility-based reports.

For regional or statewide implementations, each facility without an existing trauma system can use Web Collector to support the data entry and collection scheme for trauma patients based on the mandatory data elements, as defined by their state or region. Thus, each trauma center or hospital, regardless of size and staff, has the ability to participate in their state or region’s call for data.

DI’s Web Collector is capable of accumulating integrated data submitted across multiple reporting facilities on a regional and statewide basis. The Central-Site system is capable of maintaining and managing powerful Oracle or SQL databases as well as managing the accumulation of registry data of submitting facilities. Web Collector supports a variety of powerful benchmarking, analysis, and utilization functions, as well as a sophisticated data management approach. The system manages the accumulation and preparation of data in these powerful databases and provides user-friendly reporting and analysis capabilities for state, regional or individual facility use.

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