Client Communications

AAAM AIS 2015 Injuring Scaling and Code Set Release

The AAAM (Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine) has announced the latest revision of AIS (Abbreviated Injury Scaling) will be available in early 2016. The AIS Dictionary was updated to reflect the newest research in trauma care and management while addressing various improvement areas.

DI is aware of this release and will be reviewing the changes when technical information is made available to us and to other vendors. DI has already initiated discussions with industry leaders to determine the impact and potential timelines and/or costs for implementation.

There are three potential impact areas that DI would like to advise our clients to assist with planning:

AAAM Licensing Costs – At this time we do not know whether there will be any AIS 2015 specific licensing costs that may be imposed by AAAM. As you are aware, the use of AIS 2005 codes entailed an AAAM licensing fee that was administered by the vendors. Discussions between AAAM and the vendors have not yet concluded as to how licensing will be handled for AIS 2015 and if any additional licensing cost will be involved for licensed users of AIS 2005.

AIS 2015 Technical Implementation / Potential Costs – At this time, DI, and other vendors to our knowledge, have not yet received the technical information required to develop software implementations of AIS 2015. Therefore, it is difficult to assess the amount of lead time that will be required to implement AIS 2015. We do anticipate that a development lead time will be required, and DI will be able to advise our clients as technical information becomes available to DI and the vendor community. At this time we are unable to determine what vendor software costs may be applicable until the extent of the technical work is known, and what special features or functionality may be required, such as dual coding or automaps.

AIS 2015 Adoption – Nearly all of you participate in one or more repositories such as NTDB, TQIP and/or your State trauma registry. We anticipate a “cutover” to AIS 2015 will need to be done in a coordinated planning fashion with all of the appropriate centralized organizations, so as to allow all of you to remain in compliance with the data submission requirements. As many of you know, AIS 2005 was just recently adopted as the required standard for NTDB & TQIP. In addition to licensing, technical implementation and potential software costs, an overall implementation and adoption timeline will require a good degree of “system level” coordination, which could take an appreciable amount of time nationwide and/or throughout various States.

Upon completion of this review, more details will be forthcoming.  DI is committed to keeping you up-to-date on the status of this release and will continue to communicate throughout the process.