News and Events

News and Events

    Announcing the 2018 Clinical Webinar Series!

    April 4, 2018

    Performance Improvement Planning and Execution will take place on Tuesday, April 24 at 2:00 PM EST.

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    ACS TQIP® and NTDB Compliance – Trauma Cloud™ Registration

    March 30, 2018

    This message is in follow up to the joint vendor webinar that DI participated in and you may have attended on March 8, 2018. The webinar outlined our ACS TQIP® and NTDB compliance roadmap that is being supported by nearly all vendors in our industry.

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    DI to attend 2017 TQIP Annual Scientific Meeting and Training

    July 11, 2017

    DI representatives will be in Chicago, IL for the 2017 TQIP Annual Scientific Meeting and Training on November 11-13.

    Stop by for a demo of the DI Driller, our data visualization and interactive analysis tool.

    We will also be available to answer any of your questions about our other products and services.

    DI announces Trauma Cloud™ industry launch and informational webinar

    March 30, 2017

    In our continued effort to better serve you, our valued customers, we are announcing the release of the Trauma Cloud. The trauma industry that we all operate in is rapidly changing, and registries have increasing demands to interconnect and share data with a variety of systems, products, and repositories.

    The Trauma Cloud™ is a new joint initiative among the leading trauma registry vendors to bring a “cloud-based” technology to better connect systems and save costs. At its very basic essence it is a cloud service that enables the best interoperability within our industry. It will enable connections in the most efficient manner between system registries, national repositories (such as ACS TQIP®), PI collaboratives, analytic reporting, and linkage to EMS and EMR systems. We will also use the Trauma Cloud™ to manage AIS registration and updates along with ICD updates. Agency and hospital lists will be dispersed through the Trauma Cloud™. We envision providing real-time validation through the Trauma Cloud™. 

    Registration to the Trauma Cloud™ is mandatory for you to continue to receive software and validator updates for system processes. However, registration it is free and easy. Join one of our upcoming vendor-sponsored webinars that will explain the Trauma Cloud™ in more detail, including the registration process. Click here to register for an upcoming webinar.

    We are excited to be part of launching this significant innovation for our clients and industry to further support your performance improvement initiatives.

    DI to attend STN TraumaCon

    February 27, 2017

    Digital Innovation, Inc. will be exhibiting at the annual Society of Trauma Nurses Conference April 5 & 6 in St. Louis, MO.

    DI is showcasing some of its nationwide leading product lines, including:

    v5 Trauma Registry: sets a new bar with a long list of enhancements and benefits, including built-in support for ICD-10, extensive pre-built vocabulary, comprehensive clinical screen flows, and a wide range of EMR integration options.

    DI Dashboard™ and DI Driller™:
    provide impressive visual, real-time analysis of aggregate benchmark data and key performance indicators.

    DI Trauma Coding Solutions:
    product line now includes applications for ICD-10 coding, Dual ICD-9/ICD-10 coding and AIS2005 coding, in addition to our exclusive expert system Tri-Code product.  Capabilities include mobile coding, unique “Quick-click” drill down technology, and the industry’s only “text-to-code” expert system.

    DI will be demonstrating our products throughout the event. Be sure to stop by!


    DI to attend TQIP Annual Scientific Meeting and Training

    November 3, 2016

    Several DI representatives will be in Orlando, FL at the TQIP Annual Scientific Meeting and Training November 5-7.

    Stop by booth 301 for a demo of the DI Driller, our data visualization and interactive analysis tool.

    We will also be available to answer any of your questions about our other products and services.


    TVA Releases Implementation Timeframe Best Practices Document

    August 10, 2016

    DI is a founding member of the Trauma Vendor Alliance (TVA) and an active participant in its work groups. The first work group established was to develop a best practices guideline document for addressing registry data set implementations in the most efficient manner possible.

    The work group was comprised of members from all the major trauma vendors, as well as leadership from a number of state, national, hospital system, and collaborative trauma registry systems. We encourage you to share this email, document, and TVA announcement link broadly to your colleagues and networks. The more people that are exposed to these best practices, the smoother trauma registry implementations can go for all.

    You can find the newly released document on the TVA Announcement Board.

    Please let us know any feedback that you have on this document, as it is the intent of the TVA to periodically revise this resource to benefit all members of the trauma registry community.

    Learn more about the TVA by watching this short video.

    DI receives NEMSIS Version 3.4 Compliance

    July 6, 2016

    Digital Innovation has achieved NEMSIS Version 3.4 “Receive and Process” compliance for its DI NEMSIS Aggregator™ product. The compliance testing process ensures that the DI NEMSIS Aggregator™ is able to receive demographic and EMS Run data from any other NEMSIS V3 compliant sender as well as transmit the national elements from these sources to the NEMSIS Technical Assistance Center (TAC). The DI NEMSIS Aggregator™ can be used to implement a variety of solutions, including EMS databases, trauma registry EMS linkage, and more. Read full story here.

    A message regarding ACS Level III TQIP

    June 1, 2016

    Now that the TQIP Level III Pilot Program is over, many of you may be joining ACS’s full-fledged Level III TQIP initiative in time for the next ACS TQIP Call for Data. Participation in ACS TQIP will require enhanced software functionality and support services from DI for users of DI Registry Software.

    To support the centers participating in this program, DI is providing our users with two options.

    Option 1: Defer Enhanced Data Collection with Enhanced Services
    Upgrade your existing software to an Enhanced DI NTDB Module License. This upgrade will entitle your facility to ACS TQIP submission support from DI.

    Option 2: “Plan Ahead and Save” for Enhanced Data Collection
    Add the DI TQIP Module and maintenance services at a special Early Adopter rate for new Level 3 centers.

    If you would like more information or if you have questions regarding this matter, please contact Tim Favazza, Director of Sales and Service or call 800-344-3668 ext. 234.