Our Experience

Digital Innovation, Inc. (DI) is a full service software solutions provider, with more than eighteen years experience specializing in the design, development, and support of medical registry and related database applications.

DI’s talented team of senior engineers, software application developers, database designers, project managers and customer support representatives are specialists with extensive experience in ALL phases of design, development, implementation and support of our applications and associated development tools.

With our strong software engineering background, DI is unique in our position as a registry solutions provider. Utilizing advanced object-oriented programming languages and development environments, DI engineers develop solutions that are efficient and robust. DI’s strict adherence to open system standards means that DI solutions can be integrated with a virtually unlimited array of third party products (like SQL and Oracle). Moreover, DI’s software development expertise allows us to modify systems to meet the ever-changing requirements of the markets we serve. The ability to adapt our systems and solutions provides numerous benefits for our clients in the areas of functionality, ease-of-use, and maintainability. As a result, DI’s many solutions have stood the test of time by preserving client investments in historical data, application development and training.

DI’s products support data collection, management and analysis in a number of different market segments. Our success in providing solutions for these markets, especially the medical registry market, has opened up opportunities for us to serve as the primary software development partner for a number of prominent medical organizations. DI’s support of these organizations’ national registry initiatives attests to our substantial software development and support capabilities.

DI is the unquestioned leader in state, provincial and regional medical implementations, but our solutions scale for individual institutions and facilities as well. DI software is either exclusively or widely used across nearly 40 states, provinces and countries! A list of selected partner organizations and clients is provided on the Our Clients page.