Our Clients

The commitment to excellence has propelled Digital Innovation, Inc. (DI) to the forefront of the medical registry marketplace. Our clients need robust registry solutions that provide the latest technological advancements at an affordable cost. DI delivers products and services that exceed our clients’ expectations in a variety of medical disciplines such as trauma, EMS & critical care.

In trauma, DI’s Collector solution is the most widely used and is the industry’s best known product. Collector’s heritage was founded in supporting national, statewide and regional trauma registry programs. First utilized by MTOS and Pennsylvania trauma centers in the late 1980’s, Collector is used in more than 1,000 hospitals worldwide. The vast majority of Collector’s user base is located in the United States and Canada, but Collector’s popularity is growing in other countries like New Zealand and Australia.

We, at DI, pride ourselves on our ability to maintain long-term relationships with our clients. For example, DI has been providing software for the Pennsylvania Trauma Systems Foundation for nearly 15 years. DI has a large number of clients with a 10+ year support relationship with our company. We believe the true testament of our success is that after 18 years, our application stays current, our user base continues to grow, but most importantly, our references remain loyal. Our references have helped us become software development partners with a number of national registry initiatives like the American College of Surgeons’ NTDB and the American Heart Association’s NRCPR.

Coupling our national registry initiative experiences with the continuing growth of the Collector user-base allows our software architecture to provide many economy-of-scale advantages to our clients. The many relationships established over the last 18 years have provided DI with a steady stream of innovative and large-scale registry projects. DI projects must be synergistic, in that development for a national initiative needs to bring benefit for all Collector users. Each client will receive new technology, enhancements and functionality developed by DI, thus ensuring that all of our clients reap the benefits of DI’s continued growth and R&D investment.

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